Make Your Voice Heard 

Make Your Voice Heard

Make Your Voice Heard

To you, my great daughter Asia, just for being who you’re… my life, my strength, my joy, and a GREAT woman! Love your Mom


For all the women who have fought, struggled, and died.
For all those who will die in the future.
For the women who have been raped and downtrodden.
For the women of today and tomorrow.
For women’s right to be free.


Make Your Voice Heard 
Make Your Voice Heard


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This book is also dedicated to a unique species of man,
one that should have become extinct long ago but that is
still around…
It is dedicated to those men who, because they are
incapable of being real men,
live in a world made of muscles and Viagra.
They are the scum and disgrace of society.
Theirs is a world filled with violence, their violence.
My only hope is that these men, who are a disgrace to
will come to justice—the justice of prison.

– Bo Guerreschi




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